Terms & Conditions.

1/ All photographic commissions will be carried out by the founder of Perfect Images UK unless otherwise agreed with the customer.

2/ Perfect Images UK retains all copyrights from all commissions unless the company as agreed to transfer, sell or waiver there rights.

3/ Images displayed in our portfolios or on our or other web sites are protected by International and UK copyright law. We take image theft very serious and will prosecute any one who thinks they can use, display, download, store or reproduce our images without our sole written permission.

4/ All Clients of the company will recieve the original film images documented at the commission unless other otherwise previuosly agreed. Originals are the first photograph to be printed from the film negatives or positives. The size of the original photographs depend on the size required at the time of booking by the client.

5/ All customers of the company will be required to sign a contract which will list all commission details, costs, print sizes, etc.

6/ All commissions require a two third non-refundable deposit with the outstanding balance due on commission completion unless otherwise previously agreed.

7/ The company can not be held responsible for postage losses or defective film at the time of processing.[ We encourage all customers especially wedding clients to take out xtra insurance ]

If the company use the services of Royal Mail we always insure and require signatures for proof of posting / delivery.

8/ Any reproductions produced by the company are colour matched and corrected at our discretion unless originals are provided.

9/ No reproduction orders will be generated until payment in full is recieved.

10/ We will not ever be held responsible for a act of god / nature.

11/ All reproduction sizes are nominal and in inches.

12/ Customer contracts can only have terms changed / added or removed with the companys permission. There may be a charge to re-write contracts if permission is granted.

13/ For any reason beyond the companys control the companys founder can not make a commission a alternative photographer can be found if wished. Alternatively a full refund will be given.

14/ All payment plans require a admin set-up fee of £25.

15/ In the first instance the company will only use professional films.

Perfect Images UK.